A Review Of The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod


Smoking is a common habit in the current World but many people are taking steps towards quitting following the various health risks involved with smoking tobacco. The use of electronic cigarettes is crucial in the journey towards a tobacco-free future. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand require a source of power and that’s where the Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod comes in.

The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod is a voltage and wattage power box with the option of varying output. It is a product of a company located in Guangdong, China called Shenzhen Cloupor Technology Company Limited. The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod is a smaller version of their other tier models; the Cloupor T8 and the Cloupor T6 models.
The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod features dimensions of 22 millimeters by 36 millimeters and 77.5 millimeters in height. It has a removable battery with a capacity of 18650 mAh (which has reverse battery security) and the output power ranging from 7 watts to 30 watts. Its output voltage ranges from 3.6 volts to 7 volts with a maximum current output of 10 Amps.

The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod comes with a choice of two colours; black or silver. It also features a screen indicating various levels and a left or right option. This watt box can also be turned off when not in use thereby saving the charge. Its back cover is magnetic hence eliminating any screws and thereby easy access. Its 510 pin is adjustable according to one’s own preference.

On purchase, its box packaging is eye catching due to its wood effect with a foam lining. The manufacturers have thought it through and included a couple of add-ons in the box package making it slightly bigger in sight. The packaging contains spare magnets, a small screw-driver, a manual, and a retractable type of charger which is handy when on the road.

Turning it on however is disappointing due to the animated video involved. The Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod has a glossy aluminium casing giving it a classy look and feeling. The buttons which are placed on the size also feature a metallic finishing that complements the entire aluminium body. They are small in size and easily offer easy operation of the watt box to either increase or decrease the voltage.

The screen on this watt box features an LCD plane that is clear and precise in terms of taking readings. The screen orientation can also be adjusted by up button simultaneously with the fire button for up to five seconds upon which the orientation changes. This is important given the alignment of the up and down buttons which could easily be confused.

The screen also displays crucial information regarding atomizer resistance, current watts, battery level, voltage levels and also includes a seconds timer that records once the vaporization starts. The readings regarding voltage and atomizer resistance are displayed in two decimal places for more precision and better OHM indications.

The screen also features short messages that are easy to comprehend and translate like ‘low power.’ This eliminates any ambiguity and improves the interrelationship between the watt box and the user. It also has an auto-sleep feature whereby it dims its display in case of no activity hence saving power like if it is in the pocket.

The watt box also features a very reliable flash storage that still stores settings even after changing or removing the battery. This eliminates the hassle of adjusting the settings each and every time the battery is removed or replaced from the device. This is an upside as compared to other older types of watt boxes that required resets.
The 510 pin on the Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod is firmly inbuilt with long lasting threads. It is however not adjustable without a Philips head screw driver since it is placed in a sunken manner. It is crucial to ensure proper adjusting and thereby ensure proper firing and eventual vaporization as preferred.

Its charging port is located at its base and also includes a protection against overcharging. The charger fits well and charging does not take long. The back cover which is held by magnets holds on tight and firmly but also eases up easily upon removal. Another upside is that is features both the VV mode and the VW mode in it.

As a conclusion, the Cloupor Mini 30 Watt Box Mod is a good bargain following its affordable price and the small size making it more preferable in terms of portability. It is widely spread across the market due to proper marketing by the company and one can easily get a good deal online retailing at around 45 U.S dollars. It is not perfect but its merits supersede its demerits.


photo credit: Why E cigarettes 2 via photopin (license)