All About Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate is a premier cigar manufacturer based in Nicaragua. Their story is one of a daring success with a passion for cigars. The company has been in operation in the cigar business since 1998. Marvin Samel & Jonathan Drew are the co-founders of Drew Estate. They are not your average cigar producers, and their story did not begin in Cuba. The two frat brothers started out small, in a sixteen square-foot retail-kiosk in the WTC in New York. Even though they ventured out small, they had a vision and dream to accomplish. Their never-say-die attitude is what took Drew Estate to dizzy heights in the cigar industry. This article discusses all about Drew Estate cigars.

The beginning was not easy. They had to pick themselves up several times before they could reach stardom in the cigar world. In late 1998, Jonathan Drew migrated to Esteli, Nicaragua with hopes of basing his business in that country. He had only a handful of rollers and even worse, a handful of money. He had to sleep on a mattress above a ram shackle factory in that country for several nights at a stretch. To make things even worse, he didn’t know a word of Spanish. Marvin was begging for money in Brooklyn to finance the project in Nicaragua. They were really short of money during this stage of the business. Somehow, they manage to hold the business together during these turbulent times.

Jonathan returned to Brooklyn in early 1999. He had with himself several amazing new blends for the next release of Drew Estate. The company was able to release one of the trademark brands – Natural, during the year of 2000. The launch was quite a success. Natural’s aroma and flavor was a great match for a special evening. Drew Estate was able to release La Vieja Habana and Acid brands before Natural. But they were not quite successful and popular like Natural. Drew Estate was featured on Forbes Magazine in 2001 as one of the up and coming brands in the U.S. It was somewhat of a nice validation to the hard work that was put in by Jonathan and Marvin. It brought the company to the limelight in the cigar industry.

By the year of 2002, their factory in Esteli were producing some of the best cigar brands in the world. Some of the best infused cigars such as AMBROSIA tobaccos exotica came out through this factory. The company moved to Miami in 2004. They hired a new president, Steve Saka, to take their business to the next level. The company built a new state of the art factory by the name of La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Esteli. It is considered one of the best cigar factories in the whole of Central America. The factory is situated on a pristine piece of land overlooking many acres of tobacco fields. The factory is over 96,000 square feet and is considered the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua. Drew Estate makes more than 94,000 handmade cigars a day inside this state of the art factory. It is a real reflection the high quality of Drew Estate cigars.

Drew Estate produces some of the top quality cigars in the world. Nica Rustica, Liga Privada No-9 “Flying Pig” and Natural Irish Hops are some of the most popular brands in this regard. Nica Rustica is introduced for the hardcore tobacco lovers. The stick is wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper that contains small flecked veins. The pre-light aroma of Nica Rustica has notes of cocoa and barnyard. The first few puffs contain woody notes and a strong tobacco base. Halfway through, you notice black peppercorn and wheat notes. Going down, you will get an earthly note which will soon turn into sweetness. The product produces ample smoke and draws perfectly all through. The burn would remain even most of the time. The burn will be hastened by the wind. Nica Rustica is one of the top quality brands in the Drew Estate line of cigars.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of Drew Estate cigars. Drew Estate is one of the top quality cigar manufacturers in the world.

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