Let’s Review The Innokin iTaste VTR

Innokin has built itself a pretty good reputation for offering reliable vaping equipment. If we dial the clock back to 2013, we can take a look at how that reputation was built by examining the iTaste VTR, a thoroughly dependable variable voltage/wattage mod that’s become a standby for many vapers.

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State Of Affairs In 2013

Looking back at it all now, it’s easy to see that 2013 was a pretty important year in the world of personal vaping. A lot of good companies introduced plenty of new innovations, and vapers with money to burn (pardon the pun) were spoiled for choice. Of the many new devices offered up that year, Innokin’s iTaste VTR mod stands out as one that’s proven itself worthy.

Strong Design Choices (Is “Strong” Good?)

Let’s start out with the immediately obvious facts. The VTR is a big fat box mod. It’s roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes, and it’s got all the weight you would expect from a big chunk of metal and electronics. The next distinctive feature of the VTR is its recessed tank cradle; the mod’s 510 adapter is positioned about halfway down one side of the case. The tank is held in position by a loop around the top, so that only the nozzle protrudes past the mod itself. The VTR’s case is available in either chrome or drab olive-green, and it’s livened up by some chiseled art deco type racing stripes running up either side. The front features a three-digit LED screen prominently, and the rear has some crisscross lines with Innokin’s nonsensical motto-words (“Taste it, Love it”) scrawled across it.

Fancy Electronic Features

Like any premium variable mod, the VTR is packed with plenty of useful electronics to keep your vaping safe, strong, and fully adjustable. It can adjust its power level in half-watt increments from three to fifteen watts, and voltage runs from three to six volts. This is more than enough range to toast up virtually any eliquid to your preferred results.

The safety features include all the usual refinements, including short circuit protection, a battery protection circuit, an automatic ten-second shutoff, and a set of vent holes to prevent overheating. Like a lot of other mods in its class, the VTR runs on an unprotected 18650 battery.

The Sidekick: The iClear 30S Tank

The iTaste VTR comes with one of Innokin’s iClear 30S atomizer tanks. This little beauty is a big part of the VTR’s performance; it’s a really superb tank. It’s a dual coil atomizer that’s easy to replace. (Important Note: Despite what some Innokin marketing copy claims, this is NOT a rebuildable atomizer!) Replacement coils are just three dollars a pop, making this a fairly economical tank to run even if you vape heavily. The iClear 30S, like many of Innokin’s tanks, features a metal nozzle. This might be a turn-off for vapers who are used to the purity of glass nozzles, as this one gives a faint but detectable metallic taste on the tongue.


When you get down to the actual business of burning up some eLiquid, the VTR definitely doesn’t play around. Its ample power supply combined with the abilities of the iClear tank converts eLiquid of any sort into huge gouts of vapor. “Underpowered” is not a complaint that any user can reasonably throw at this mod! The hefty mod itself is incredibly durable, and it’s highly resistant to damage. While the VTR has the horsepower to appease the most demanding vapers, it’s tucked into a very intuitive, easy-to-use package that also’s friendly to first-time users.

The iTaste VTR’s Advantages

The previous section kind of slid into talking about this mod’s advantages. It’s tough, powerful, and reliable. The battery life is very good with a high-amp battery, and vapor production is quite efficient. Overall, the VTR is a mod that can fire away faithfully for weeks or months on end with minimal attention.

Potential Drawbacks To The iTaste VTR

The picture of the VTR you take away from this review shouldn’t be all positive, though. The chrome finish attracts fingerprints like jelly draws flies. A few of the design elements feel cheap considering the initial retail price of the unit: The battery clasp is flimsy, the rotating control wheel isn’t very sensitive, and the LED screen is quite basic for a mod that started out selling for more than seventy dollars.

More importantly, the VTR’s fancy tank holder is serious restriction. Unless your preferred tank is the same diameter as Innokin’s iClear 30s, you’ll need an adapter to use it. This adapter is included in the VTR kit, but it moves the mod’s 510 connector up to the top of the mod, making an already-bulky piece of equipment even bulkier.

Bottom Line

When it was first released, the high price point of the iTaste VTR made it just a little bit doubtful. Seventy dollars is an awful lot to pay for any mod, even a reliable one that’s ready for fire-and-forget use right out of the box. Now that a few years have passed, though, authentic VTRs are a lot cheaper. If you can find a new VTR selling around the sixty dollar price point, don’t hesitate to pick it up!

Photo Credit: Jonny Williams via Flickr.com